Sex Gangsters

23 Jan , 2018 Games

Sex Gangsters

Sex Gangsters is a sex-adventure browser game in which at the start you, as the main character, are getting asked by an older man to replace him as a leader in his world. The game interface looks impressive, colorful, and with large buttons and icons, it’s pretty easy to follow and navigate through game. There are so many options with a lot of stuff for you to do, but it is still user-friendly game, and easy to control. 


The goal of the game is to up your rank, acquire cash and get to the #1 spot. You need to collect and spend money, as much of it as you can. You need to be focused on collecting girls for your gang, stripping them and having a lot of sex. The more you play, you will notice real goal of the game, which is not to fight other gangs and rule the world but to just to have great fun and enjoy in all the features provided by this extravagant and kinky universe. The game is very realistic. It will make it seem like you’re living another life and have the most exciting sex adventures that you’ve only dreamed about. 


How to play Sex Gangsters? Your character is the only male and leader of your sex gang. At the start, you can customize him in accordance with your wishes and desires, and equip items in 5 categories (Body, Hats, Pants, Boots and Accessories). After you create character you will be ready to do some jobs, make business, complete quests and make your fortune larger. The next step is collecting girls and buy them a bunch of stuff, such as clothes and cars, in order to raise their ratings and status which will make your gang more powerful. You can get a girl only by completing her quest on a specific location, in one of 11 cities with quests in each area. Those quests require energy and money to progress, so you will need to do the easier ones first in order to collect enough money and experience. One way to do it is to win single fights or ranking tournaments. At the top of the screen you can notice a half red and blue pill (stamina), sword (attack) and shield (defence), which shows your status and power.  


This is just basic information about this complex game. You can log in and find out how interesting it actually is and why thousands of gamers all over the world like Sex Gangsters and why is this one of the largest sex games online community.

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